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[6bone] NDSOFTWARE pTLA review

6bone Folk,

At the completion of the NDSOFTWARE pTLA request open review period, I 
formed a pTLA review panel to further look at the issues raised by this 
request as well as to make a final decision on allocation, and whether the 
current pTLA rules as outlined in RFC2772 need updating.

The folks that agreed to participate in the panel were:

     Bob Fink, Chair  (co-author of RFC2772)
     David Kessens  (6bone registry developer/manager, and of NOKIA)
     Rob Rockell    (co-author of RFC2772, and of SPRINT)
     Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino (IIJ and WIDE project)
     Gert Doering   (SpaceNet)

After careful review, and further questions asked of, and answered by, 
Nicolas Deffayet, the panel unanimously agrees that NDSOFTWARE should be 
granted their pTLA allocation.

This is not to say that we are completely comfortable with the rules we are 
currently operating under. In fact, we also unanimously agreed that RFC2772 
is in need of considerable community review and updating to assist in 
deciding future pTLA requests, as well as giving guidance to the operation 
of the 6bone.

To this end, we would like to establish a process to do the RFC2772 rework 
that guarantees all voices are heard and input taken. We will shortly 
publish to this list our recommendation on how to do this.

Returning again to the pTLA request of NDSOFTWARE, we respectfully ask that 
contentious and divisive discussion of the allocation itself cease, and be 
replaced by a good and vigorous discussion of the issues the 6bone needs to 
address going forward.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to my fellow panel members for helping.