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[6bone] proposal for transfer of 6bone address management responsibilities to RIRs


My point is competition. Next is an example, don't take me wrong.

We are, in the case of Europe, mandated to get our prefix allocated by RIPE.

That means that I'm subjected, I like it or not, to the RIPE rules, that not always are good for ALL the people.

For example, may be I don't need some of the services, but I need to pay the same fee as a bigger ISP.

My idea is to separate all these services from the REAL cost of the address delegation.

For example, consider a world where you have more competition and you can pay for this "delegation service" (not the address space)
from a number of entities, like in the case of a domain registration.

I'm sure the competition will keep the price down !

About the freedom, having address space for everyone means freedom, not subjected to NATs, and so on. But if this is not really
going to happen, the situation will be the same as today with IPv4. May be is a too much personal view ;-)


PS: I don't follow all the RIPE mailing list, not enough time for doing all what I will like to do ! If there is anything specific
on this subject, can you point me to the message thread, please ?

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Subject: Re: [6bone] proposal for transfer of 6bone address management responsibilities to RIRs

> At 18:37 +0200 23/8/02, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
> >Joao,
> >
> >I know this is hard to say, but I fully agree with Francis.
> >
> >We already had this discussion some time ago (12th September in
> >Barcelona Task Force meeting).
> Yes, I remember some "interesting" proposals in that meeting.
> >One of the ways to promote IPv6 will be getting the address for free
> >or for a REAL cost.
> Interesting concept. I never thought of address space as having a price tag.
> >I'm sure we can look alternative ways to delegate address space not
> >involving so high memberships.
> High as in: it is less than the Cisco 2500 in which you want to do the tests?
> >And I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced it can be DONE with a lower price. I
> >will prefer to be charged by each of the services provided by the
> >RIR (that I need to pay nevertheless I use or not), instead of a
> >single annual fee, with has only two levels.
> Ok, I think I will leave that one for the members of the RIRs.
> >That is causing the ISPs making REAL business with the address space
> >(and I know you can say they charge for the services, but we
> >can force them to provide this free of charge and charge for OTHER
> >real services). The IPv6 address space MUST be a global resource,
> >available for FREE.
> IPv4 address space is available for free. You pay for the cost of
> registration, DNS, whois, et,c not for the addresses.
> >I always say IPv6 is FREEDOM, and following the same rule as in
> >IPv4, it WILL NOT BE.
> Not quite sure what you mean by this.
> >If there is any proposal to delegate the IPv6 address space in some
> >other way, to avoid this situation, I will volunteer to work in
> >that.
> I beg your pardon. Have you attended the lir-wg at the RIPE meetings
> recently (or read the mailing list)?
> Joao
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