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[6bone] proposal for transfer of 6bone address management responsibilities to RIRs


I know this is hard to say, but I fully agree with Francis.

We already had this discussion some time ago (12th September in Barcelona Task Force meeting).

One of the ways to promote IPv6 will be getting the address for free or for a REAL cost.

I'm sure we can look alternative ways to delegate address space not involving so high memberships.

And I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced it can be DONE with a lower price. I will prefer to be charged by each of the services provided by the
RIR (that I need to pay nevertheless I use or not), instead of a single annual fee, with has only two levels.

That is causing the ISPs making REAL business with the address space (and I know you can say they charge for the services, but we
can force them to provide this free of charge and charge for OTHER real services). The IPv6 address space MUST be a global resource,
available for FREE.

I always say IPv6 is FREEDOM, and following the same rule as in IPv4, it WILL NOT BE.

If there is any proposal to delegate the IPv6 address space in some other way, to avoid this situation, I will volunteer to work in


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> At 9:27 +0200 23/8/02, Gert Doering wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 07:18:50PM -0400, John Fraizer wrote:
> >>  >From the ARIN website:
> >>
> >>  "Organizations approved for receiving the standard /35 initial IPv6
> >>  allocation will be charged an annual fee of $2,500 (US). For larger
> >>  amounts of addresses, a fee of $20,000 (US) will be assessed.
> >
> >So go and tell ARIN that you don't like that.
> >
> >In RIPE land, this is not the case. You pay annual fees for all services
> >altogether (which go up a bit if you have very much IPv4 space, which
> >*does* create extra work) and - right now - no extra costs for IPv6.
> True, and the membership fees are purely based on cost recovery for
> the services as the RIPE NCC is non-profit organisation. One of the
> things that troubles me in Bob proposal is the mention of "minimal
> cost", unless that means the usual membership fee of course.
> Joao
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