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[6bone] SUNET announcing ALL IPv6 routes

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Edward Brocklesby wrote:

> John Fraizer:
> > I propose that if they're not reading this list, that is a problem.  
> Well, maybe I am overly cynical for perfectly-organised internet community.  
> If you prefer, let's see who answer these questions without any prodding.
> I try only to find the most efficient way to find these answers with least 
> reliance on assumptions, however true they may be.
> Hopefully this method does work, because obviously there is some problem. I 
> would think it is in the interests of 6bone community to attempt to correct 
> problems, and so this is there suggestions come from. Feel free to point out 
> the flaws you see in these suggestions, and I shall not suggest them any 
> longer ;-).
> Regards,
> 	-larne.
> (PS. Please understand I am only trying to solve problem, if you think that I 
> don't have the solution then do say, otherwise it wastes everyone's time.)

Oh, no!  I wasn't faulting anything you're doing!  I want to see the list
as much as anyone else.  I was simply adding that IMHO, if someone is
running in the v6 default-free-zone, they should be monitoring the 6bone
mailing list.

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