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[6bone] SUNET announcing ALL IPv6 routes

John Fraizer:
> I propose that if they're not reading this list, that is a problem.  

Well, maybe I am overly cynical for perfectly-organised internet community.  
If you prefer, let's see who answer these questions without any prodding.
I try only to find the most efficient way to find these answers with least 
reliance on assumptions, however true they may be.

Hopefully this method does work, because obviously there is some problem. I 
would think it is in the interests of 6bone community to attempt to correct 
problems, and so this is there suggestions come from. Feel free to point out 
the flaws you see in these suggestions, and I shall not suggest them any 
longer ;-).


(PS. Please understand I am only trying to solve problem, if you think that I 
don't have the solution then do say, otherwise it wastes everyone's time.)