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IOS for 2500

Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> How about an image for the 2500 that doesn't have that crufty
> old IPv4 stuff?
> Just a nice clean IPv6 image.


Given the choice of adding new IPv6 features or removing old IPv4 ones,
which would you chose? Right now our top priority is to impliment all
the IPv6 features that our customers want. After all, we can hardly make
a selling point of "less IPv4 features!", can we? ;)

I'm sure that IPv6 only (or more likely, IPv6-mostly) routers will
emerge in the fullness of time. However, I would be very surprised if
the 2500 platform were the target for such a project.

Paul Aitken
IPv6 Development, Cisco Systems Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH6 6LX