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IOS for 2500

Mithrandir wrote:
> Hello friends of the 6bone
> I was browsing the Cisco site, hoping to find a IPv6 IOS release for the
> 2500 series router.
> But that site is BIG!! I get lost in that place.
> I can't get the IOS myself but a company I work with can.
> So, does anyone of you know which latest IOS release I'm looking for?
> It must support IPv6 ofcourse, and run on a Cisco 2514, 2505 and 2503.
> If anyone knows the exact name/version of that IOS please let me know.

Questions about cisco IPv6 are best sent to [email protected] ;)

One of the best tools for finding Cisco IOS images is Cisco Feature
Navigator at http://www.cisco.com/go/fn.

Select "Feature" and search for "IPv6". Next, narrow down the
possibilities by choosing your desired release, platform and feature

When a list of images is displayed, you can choose a particular one and
click "All Features" to see the full feature list. Once the list is
narrowed down to a single image, you can click "Get this image" to
download the image.

Alternatively, if you like to do things the hard way but see all the
details, try our IOS Upgrade Planner at

Note that there are only two IPv6-enabled images available for the 2500
series (the 12.2(4)T IP-Plus and the 12.2(4)T1 IP-Plus). So while the
2500 can still be used as an experimental IPv6 box, if you're serious
about IPv6 I really recommend you upgrade to a new platform. Ultimately
we're not going to be able to fit a fully featured IPv6-enabled IOS into
the 2500.

Paul Aitken
IPv6 Development, Cisco Systems Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH6 6LX