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What would be the most productive course to ask/suggest/pursuade all tld's
to allow ipv6 domain name servers?  I presume this is a goal of ipv6
deployment initiatives somewhere, if only by inference.  I personally
am not a fan of political processes and agendas.  But I get the distinct
impression that to get ipv6 in tld's globally, it will take some polticking.

Any action/inaction items anyone knows about?

Penned by Bill Manning on Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 09:11:34AM -0800, we have:
| % > will come for that, it is not yet here.  But the time has come and
| % > past to be able to register an ipv6 dns server.  Case in point that
| % > this works, ip6.int:
| % 
| % The nameservers for ip6.int's parent domain, 'int', are not under the
| % control of NSI, hence these nameservers can delegate 'ip6.int' to (at
| % least one) IPv6-only nameserver(s).
| % 
| % -- 
| 	It is true that INT did allow IPv6 nameservers to be entered.
| 	IP6.INT will allow IPv6 nameservers.  I understand that some
| 	TLD nics will allow IPv6 servers to be entered, JP comes to
| 	mind.  
| -- 
| --bill

Todd Fries .. [email protected]