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IOS for 2500

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 02:09:42PM +0100, Mithrandir wrote:
> I was browsing the Cisco site, hoping to find a IPv6 IOS release for the
> 2500 series router.
> I can't get the IOS myself but a company I work with can.
> So, does anyone of you know which latest IOS release I'm looking for?
> It must support IPv6 ofcourse, and run on a Cisco 2514, 2505 and 2503.

You (theoretically) need a support login to get updates of IOS. Once you 
are logged in the web pages change their appearance, then go to 

And you need to know how much RAM you have in your 2500, this is the gating 
factor for what release/features you are able to run. I pretty much settled 
for a very early reelase as my 2514 has only 4MB (I really only need to do 
static routes), I can't run any of the 12.1/12.2 train images, they are 
hungry for much more memory even with the limited IP feature set.

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