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IOS for 2500


Cisco had officialy announced ipv6 with IOS 12.2.2T
The IOS you are looking for (2501-2525) platforms is : 12.2.4T1 with differents features available :
	- IP

But cisco does not release his IOS for free :)

When you have an access with download rights to the cisco site, you find this IOS with no problems !

According to Mithrandir:
> Hello friends of the 6bone
> I was browsing the Cisco site, hoping to find a IPv6 IOS release for the
> 2500 series router.
> But that site is BIG!! I get lost in that place.
> I can't get the IOS myself but a company I work with can.
> So, does anyone of you know which latest IOS release I'm looking for?
> It must support IPv6 ofcourse, and run on a Cisco 2514, 2505 and 2503.
> If anyone knows the exact name/version of that IOS please let me know.
> Thank you very much
> Kind regards
> Mithrandir Cielen
> Fddi Institute
> Belgium

Laurent Mele -- Ingenieur Systeme et reseau
Cartel Informatique

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