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pTLA request for MICROSOFT - review closes 2 January 2002


Thanks for the information.


At 03:32 PM 12/19/2001 -0800, Chris Engdahl wrote:
>Hi Bill, Bob, and greets to the 6Bone community-
>Thanks for this excellent opportunity to provide a bit more info on our
>We (Dennis, Matthew, and I, a.k.a. [email protected]) are part of
>the ITG division, which is the internal technology service organization
>for Microsoft Corporation.
>We are separate from MSN, from MS Research, and from all Windows
>development units.  We count these other divisions as 'clients,' and we
>service the entire MS corporate network as well as some non-production
>Internet-based networks.
>It is in this spirit that we're assuming the maintenance of the existing
>6Bone presence from MS Research in Redmond (Seattle, WA, US).  We're
>picking up this service on their behalf to allow our Research folks to
>spend more time on actual research, and less on running networks.
>We hope to use this as a learning experience toward enabling IPv6 on
>more of Microsoft's Internet services in the as-yet-undefined future
>timeline, but enabling v6 on MSN, Hotmail, et al is not in MS ITG's
>So, we are serving as an 'internal' service provider for IPv6 over our
>Enterprise network, and we'll serve as an 'external' service provider to
>the 6Bone for those groups who require it, and we will do our damndest
>to do so for both within the guidelines set forth by the 6Bone
>If there are ever any questions about our involvement in the 6Bone, we
>can be found at mailto:[email protected].  One of us will respond
>directly to anyone having questions or concerns about our routing
>implementation, policies, or any traffic generated by any of our sites.
>The garden-variety derogatory and/or pseudo-legal questions and comments
>will happily be ignored, thank you.
>If anyone is interested in Microsoft's involvement in the research,
>development, or efforts toward providing a wider user base for IPv6 and
>related technologies, check http://www.microsoft.com/ipv6 and
>Thanks to all for the consideration of our request-
>Chris Engdahl
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>Subject: RE: pTLA request for MICROSOFT - review closes 2 January 2002
>         I would like to see some clarification on which "Microsoft" is
>making the request.  Microsoft Research has been quite active in v6
>development over the years and has even taken a pro-active stance in
>recent weeks
>( 2003:: anyone? :) that would argue for caution.  However, it would be
>highly desirable to see Microsoft (MSN, hotmail, et.al.) get connected
>to the 6bone and then we could ask Microsoft research to work within the
>corporate network administration for their IPv6 needs.  IMHO, this would
>be ideal.