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pTLA request for MICROSOFT - review closes 2 January 2002

Hi Bill, Bob, and greets to the 6Bone community-

Thanks for this excellent opportunity to provide a bit more info on our

We (Dennis, Matthew, and I, a.k.a. [email protected]) are part of
the ITG division, which is the internal technology service organization
for Microsoft Corporation.  

We are separate from MSN, from MS Research, and from all Windows
development units.  We count these other divisions as 'clients,' and we
service the entire MS corporate network as well as some non-production
Internet-based networks.

It is in this spirit that we're assuming the maintenance of the existing
6Bone presence from MS Research in Redmond (Seattle, WA, US).  We're
picking up this service on their behalf to allow our Research folks to
spend more time on actual research, and less on running networks.  

We hope to use this as a learning experience toward enabling IPv6 on
more of Microsoft's Internet services in the as-yet-undefined future
timeline, but enabling v6 on MSN, Hotmail, et al is not in MS ITG's

So, we are serving as an 'internal' service provider for IPv6 over our
Enterprise network, and we'll serve as an 'external' service provider to
the 6Bone for those groups who require it, and we will do our damndest
to do so for both within the guidelines set forth by the 6Bone

If there are ever any questions about our involvement in the 6Bone, we
can be found at mailto:[email protected].  One of us will respond
directly to anyone having questions or concerns about our routing
implementation, policies, or any traffic generated by any of our sites.
The garden-variety derogatory and/or pseudo-legal questions and comments
will happily be ignored, thank you.

If anyone is interested in Microsoft's involvement in the research,
development, or efforts toward providing a wider user base for IPv6 and
related technologies, check http://www.microsoft.com/ipv6 and

Thanks to all for the consideration of our request-
Chris Engdahl

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	I would like to see some clarification on which "Microsoft" is
making the request.  Microsoft Research has been quite active in v6
development over the years and has even taken a pro-active stance in
recent weeks 
( 2003:: anyone? :) that would argue for caution.  However, it would be
highly desirable to see Microsoft (MSN, hotmail, et.al.) get connected
to the 6bone and then we could ask Microsoft research to work within the
corporate network administration for their IPv6 needs.  IMHO, this would
be ideal.