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Weird routing issue?


> As 6bone.informatik.uni-leipzig.de is one of our leaf-sites I guess the
> next hop here should be JOIN. But our BGP connection to CALADAN (which is
> 3ffe:8270::) is fine and you should reach us. What I don't like here, is
> that 3ffe:400:1090::/48 (T-NET), another of our leaf sites, is involved.
> While they are no backbone peer, they have many BGP tunnels and behave
> like an pTLA. Maybe this causes problems, because one of their BGP peers
> is filtering. In my opinion T-NET should apply for pTLA.

Is IPv6 really so young as to be expected to be less reliable than the
IPv4 on which it commonly travels?

> Right now I can reach both of your IPs from the JOIN backbone router, which
> means nothing, because meanwhile I use different routes than aboves. Do you
> still have problems reaching 6bone.informatik.uni-leipzig.de or was it only
> temporary?

I reported this after I noticed that it's been several days since I was
last able to see your site via IPv6.

Should we contact T-NET?

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs