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Presuming IPv4 (was Re: Routing of 2002::/16)

> This may be a reasonable assumption at the moment, but in the
> context of an experimental and experimenting network (the
> 6bone) and, more, in the interests of preparing for a far more
> 6-aware world, I'd like to presume instead that there are many
> 6-only networks with no 4 network.
> This becomes more and more important as chunks of networks
> can start to lose their IP4 dependancy - we need to have a
> "best practices" documented for a truly mixed network.

Go visit http://www.kfu.com/~nsayer/6to4/noipv4.html . This page 
describes how you can get rid of IPv4 within the enterprise. 
Unfortunately, Windows still poses a bit of an obstacle (I attempted to 
implement BIA and immediately lost the ability to sign into the domain 
controller), but if you don't have (or don't care about) Windows, it's 
smooth sailing (the machine I'm typing on now has no IPv4 address).