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Presuming IPv4 (was Re: Routing of 2002::/16)

Quoting Michel Py ([email protected]):
> >> From: Dave Wilson 
> >> I'm looking into setting up a 6to4 relay router for my customers
> I don't understand why you need a 6to4 relay in the first place. You are
> mentioning advertising routes to your customers. This implies that they
> have IPv6 capable routers that can also understand RIP or BGP for IPv6.

> If I assume correctly, these customers also have IPv4 Internet access,
> therefore they shoud be able to configure 6to4 on their sites. If they
> don't know how, this is called billable services.....

This may be a reasonable assumption at the moment, but in the
context of an experimental and experimenting network (the
6bone) and, more, in the interests of preparing for a far more
6-aware world, I'd like to presume instead that there are many
6-only networks with no 4 network.

This becomes more and more important as chunks of networks
can start to lose their IP4 dependancy - we need to have a
"best practices" documented for a truly mixed network.