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Telnet Client Red Hat 7.2 IPv6 enabled ??


AFAIK, included telnet client in RedHat 7.2 doesn't support IPv6. You
could download an IPv6 capable telnet client or use shimlib library from
Nick Sayer to enable any standard IPv4 application (i.e. telnet client)  
to resolve and connect to IPv6 servers.

You can download a modified version of shimlib library that compiles
cleanly under RedHat 7.2 from:

http://flavio.acme.com (IPv6 only site) or
http://geminis.myip.org (IPv4 only site)

It's just a single C source, compile it with:

gcc -shared -o shimlib.so shimlib.c -ldl

To use shimlib just issue:

LD_PRELOAD=./shimlib.so telnet IPv6_AAAA_or_A6_name_record



On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Foelski Thomas wrote:

> Hello All,
> we are working here with Red Hat Linux 7.2 and W2000, and trying to connect to a telnet server ( Red Hat 7.2, Telnet Server 0.17-20 ).
> When we connect from a W2000 client, it is working, with the pure IPv6 address and also with a DNS ( Bind 9).
> When we want to connect from a Red Hat 7.2 client ( we tried Telnet-client 0.17-20 and 0.17-18 ),
> we get the error message " Invalid Argument". So, the question is, does the telnet-client package support
> IPv6 or do we something wrong ? Do we need to set a flag or give a special parameter to the command ?
> [[email protected] root]# telnet fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a
> Trying fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a...
> telnet: connect to address fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a: Invalid argument
> [[email protected] root]#
> Thanks
> Thomas