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Telnet Client Red Hat 7.2 IPv6 enabled ??

Hello All,

we are working here with Red Hat Linux 7.2 and W2000, and trying to connect to a telnet server ( Red Hat 7.2, Telnet Server 0.17-20 ).
When we connect from a W2000 client, it is working, with the pure IPv6 address and also with a DNS ( Bind 9).
When we want to connect from a Red Hat 7.2 client ( we tried Telnet-client 0.17-20 and 0.17-18 ),
we get the error message " Invalid Argument". So, the question is, does the telnet-client package support
IPv6 or do we something wrong ? Do we need to set a flag or give a special parameter to the command ?

[[email protected] root]# telnet fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a
Trying fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a...
telnet: connect to address fe80::204:76ff:fe24:e52a: Invalid argument
[[email protected] root]#