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Problems getting FreeNet6's tunnel working

Brown, James ([email protected]) wrote:

One of us thinks the other is talking about something completly
different.  tun0 is my PPP connection.. When I dial into my ISP, i use
the tun0 interface to get my IPv4 connection.  When I run the perl
script provided by Freenet6, the only thing it should be doing is
assigning the gif0 interface my PPP IP, and then my IPv6 tunnel
endpoint.  I do have a static IP on my PPP connection.

Maybe, now that I have tried to clear this up a little, we can get
somewhere.  Sorry if this is getting a bit tedious ;)


> Yes-  but the endpoint of the tunnel has to be on the *same box*
> you are wanting to run IPv6 because the endpoint will strip
> off the IPv4 header.  If the v4 header is stripped off
> at your gateway and not the host, the IPv6 packet has nowhere
> to go.
> (Use fixed width font to view below.)
>                             +
>                             |
>              YOU            +        FreeNet
>                             |
>                             +
>                gif0 ------------------ Freetunnel0
>     xl0                                                ethernet0
> 3ffe:a:b:c::1 prefixlen 127                   3ffe:a:b:c::2 prefixlen 127