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IPv6: can a link-site (or global) address be configured in rc.conf?


At 09:00 AM 3/6/2000 -0800, Eugene M. Kim wrote:
>(Cc'ed to the 6BONE mailing list in the hope that someone there could
>answer my question as well)
>Speaking of the address allocation, is there a way for an individual to
>get a non-local address space (so that all of my machines can get an
>unique IPv6 address)?  I've read through the 6BONE website, and it seems
>to me that I somehow have to `qualify' in order to get one.  (And the
>fact that I just need <10 addresses makes me feel guilty; AFAIK the
>minimum allocation unit is 2^64-address block :-p.)

IPv6 "sites" own the right-most 80 bits of the 128 bits for local use (you 
know that, just restating for the wide list you have emailed to).

The external routing prefixes are the left-most 48 bits of the 128 and come 
from your IPv6 service provider... normally. These are currently either in 
the 3FFE::/16 or 2001::/16 TLA space.

The exception is for "6to4" prefixes which are in the 2002::/16 TLA space. 
See the I-D:


Please read, then ask any questions you may have. 6to4 is currently 
supported, and there are relay routers up and running.