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Prefixes leaking to 6bone

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 04:22:06PM +0100, [email protected] wrote:
> Dear Rafal,
> Please excuse me mailing you direct but I hope you are the correct person to
> contact.  I run a backbone site on the 6bone and have noticed that you are
> leaking longer prefixes (see below).  Please could you check your router so
> that you only advertise your assigned prefix into the default routing zone.
> If I understand correctly your prefix is 3FFE:8010::/28.
> If you wish to ask me anything about the routes I am receiving please let me
> know.

I see it quite clear but it looks like the paths you are showing are cut after
'202', which I suspect to be 2020 really. As you can see I am sending only this

> *> 3FFE:8010::/28   2001:618:1::103                        0 1849 786 8664 ?

The other ones are from one of my peers but not passing through our site. 

Full path for e.g.

> *> 3FFE:8010:16::1:14/126
>                     2001:618:1::103                        0 1849 5623 7170
> 202?

probably ends with ... 7170 2020 9478 44444 as I see in my table. I e-mailed
ASN2020 (in principle used internally in pl) administrator - Artur Frysiak
<[email protected]> about the problem. Cc of this e-mail also to 7170

Ale kto by my³ rêce po przywitaniu siê z mê¿em? - A. Fedorczyk