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6Bone routing problems: www.6bone.net unreachable from CSELT!

Hi all,

during the last days I have not been able to access www.6bone.net
using IPv6 and for this reason I am trying to figure out where the
problem is.

First of all, if you look at our 6bone routing reports (available at
http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/bgp/index.html) you can see that presently
we have ~130 unaggregated prefixes advertised within the BGP4+ cloud.
Most of the problems seem to come from the sites WES (USAE 
Waterway Experiment Station, USA) and IKARNET (Student Hostels
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland).
In particular IKARNET and its tens of customers seem to own IPv6 prefix
delegations from several pTLAs: CICNET, ICM-PL, SICS and VIAGENIE.
If handled correctly this would be an interesting case of IPv6 multihoming
but unfortunately none of the above delegations is aggregated and
announced through the right path. Here at CSELT I see all of them
announced on the following AS path:

Certainly this is due to a WES or IKARNET mis-configuration but in any
case I think that we could achieve a greater robustness of the network
if all pTLAs implemented proper IPv6 ingress filtering towards their
customers. In my case, if ATT-LABS-EUROPE would not re-distribute
within the 6bone backbone the routes learned from its customers and
not belonging to its pTLA delegation, I probably wouldn't experience this

Also the fact that I am not able to reach www.6bone.net seems to be
somehow related to the routing problem that I have just described. In fact,
a customer of IKARNET called ZET (Zaklad Energetyczny Tarnow S.A.,
Poland) is announcing the unaggregated prefix 3FFE:B00:C18::/48, which
belongs to the VIAGENIE addressing space. I see it through the
following AS path:

But 3ffe:b00:c18::/48 is the most specific route matching the IPv6 address
of www.6bone.net (3ffe:b00:c18:1::10). This really puzzles me in that I do
not think that the site www.6bone.net is located in Poland.

Am I missing something?