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Cisco router IPv6 snippets /w RIP config

If you're bored anyway,

Let's see,
Since I'm a dope in cisco routers explain me how to advertise one IPv6
network to the other.
I still don't understand how one router knows the other or how I can let
them communicate.
In other words i'm missing something.

The setup is very easy.
But, there are 4 different ways to tunnel.
When I get the above configuration to work it is only a matter of ...euhm,
wel anyway I'll try.

Oh is there somebody that can share the 12.1 IOS for Cisco 2500 series
I can't get them from the cisco site since we got the routers from another
company that did not needed them anymore.

We are still figuring out where you got the IPv6 addresses in the Tunnel?
In other words : Why? and where did you get them?

eg.:interface tunnel0
description tunnel to viagenie
no ip address
no ip directed-broadcast
ipv6 adress 3ffe:b00:c18::33/127 ???
"3ffe" always seem to be the same, but where do the other bits come from?
Do you invent them? or are they given to you by an organization?
Anyway I just hope it is a simple explenation.

Thanks Guys,
Groeten van Mithrandir.

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Subject: Cisco router IPv6 snippets /w RIP config

>   Here is a snippet of config from a cisco 7206 we use as our border
> Comments are inline with features. The biggest bump in the road for people
> who know cisco IPv4 routing is the way IPv6 RIP is set up - you must
> it globally and then set each interface you wish to participate. This is
> *very* similar to the way DVMRP (multicast routing) is handled - looks
> the just pulled the code from there and made it work for IPv6.
>    In terms of address I'd suggest you use a /64 for each LAN interface
and a
> /127 for each WAN interface. You're not seeing things - a /127 is correct.
> IPv6 uses multicasts for ARP and doesn't need the network and broadcast
> addresses that you're used to in IPv4.
>    I am stuck here and bored :-( If you need help drop me a line ...
> ! these are global commands to enable IPv6 routing - pensat is my
> name
> ! if I recall correctly you can have something like four different rip
> instances with different text names
> ipv6 unicast-routing
> ipv6 rip pensat redistribute static
> ! this is my tunnel to viagenie where I get 3ffe:b00:4007/48
> interface Tunnel0
>  description tunnel to viagenie
>  no ip address
>  no ip directed-broadcast
>  ipv6 address 3FFE:B00:C18::33/127
>  tunnel source
>  tunnel destination
>  tunnel mode ipv6ip
> ! here is a tunnel from my border 7206 to a router I have at home on my
> modem
> interface Tunnel4
>  no ip address
>  no ip directed-broadcast
>  ipv6 address 3FFE:B00:4007::1/127
> ! this is how you enable rip on an interfacae
>  ipv6 rip pensat enable
>  tunnel source
>  tunnel destination
>  tunnel mode ipv6ip
> ! the border 7206 has nothing but a fast ethernet port attached to a 3com
> ! the config is very similar to a tunnel address
> interface FastEthernet0/0
>  description Connection to core1.mclean-va.pensat.net
>  ip address
>  no ip directed-broadcast
>  ip ospf interface-retry 0
>  half-duplex
>  ipv6 address 3FFE:B00:4007:3::98/64
>  ipv6 rip pensat enable
> Mithrandir wrote:
> > Hello there guys,
> >
> > the Verelst Johan ([email protected]) account has changed to
> > [email protected]
> >
> > I read there are several people working with Cisco 2500 series routers.
> > Can any of you give me a sample of a "show running config" I can't seem
> > get my tunnel up and running.
> > Don't worry I have an IPv6 compatible IOS.
> > A "show IP interfaces" would also be very helpfull.
> > Thx for all your hard work i'm trying to steel.
> > (just kidding) and MERRY CHRISTMAS you all!!
> > and maybe A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!