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Tunnel/space request (repeat)

Hola hay alguien que entienda español en esta lista?

estoy muy interesado en hacer experiencioas con 6 bone
ademas estoy tratando de sacar uyn proyecto sobre internet 2

si hay algun interesado escriban a la lista.


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From: Mike Knell <[email protected]>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 8:51 AM
Subject: Tunnel/space request (repeat)

> Hi all,
> My apologies for splattercasting..
> About six months ago, we were looking to do some IP6 experimentation here
> in TCD, and planning on joining the 6bone to gain some experience.
> Unfortunately, things have been a bit busy over the past few months, and
> I'm only now getting back to sorting things out...
> I had a couple of offers back then of tunnels, but as it's been so long
> I thought it was best to put out a fresh request -- can anyone supply
> us with a tunnel, and also a little address space, so we can get
> ourselves up and running?
> TCD is on the HEANET (AS1213), so the best bet would be someone either
> on JANET or one of the other TEN-155 connected academic networks -- we
> usually have 70ms-ish rtts to these parts of the world. Most other
> places involve going via our (very congested) US link.
> Thanks a million in advance,
> Mike
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