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Tunnel/space request (repeat)

Hi all,

My apologies for splattercasting..

About six months ago, we were looking to do some IP6 experimentation here
in TCD, and planning on joining the 6bone to gain some experience.

Unfortunately, things have been a bit busy over the past few months, and
I'm only now getting back to sorting things out...

I had a couple of offers back then of tunnels, but as it's been so long
I thought it was best to put out a fresh request -- can anyone supply
us with a tunnel, and also a little address space, so we can get 
ourselves up and running?

TCD is on the HEANET (AS1213), so the best bet would be someone either
on JANET or one of the other TEN-155 connected academic networks -- we
usually have 70ms-ish rtts to these parts of the world. Most other
places involve going via our (very congested) US link.

Thanks a million in advance,

Computer Science System Administrator, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
       [email protected] -=- http://www.cs.tcd.ie/Mike.Knell/