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New to the 6bone mailing list...

Hello everyone,

I am an undergraduate student (graduating this term, starting master's next
term) at the University of North Florida at the College of Computing
Sciences and Engineering.  I have spent a number of years in networking and
have focused my college curriculum accordingly.

I have undertaken an independent study at UNF on IPv6 under the supervision
of Mr. Paul Higbee ([email protected]).  I have done extensive research and
software configuration on Windows NT and Linux using experimental IPv6

The University of North Florida has allowed me to configure a Cisco router
to communicate with the 6bone through our computer network.  They have
granted me a static IPv4 address to assign to a Cisco 2501 router and tunnel
to the 6bone network.

I am in need of assistance in making arrangements with the closest
IPv4-to-IPv6 peer.

Can anyone here guide me in the right direction?

Thank you,
Jason S. Bogin, CNE, MCSE
University of North Florida
College of Computing Sciences and Engineering
[email protected]
[email protected]