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pchar for v6 - problem

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If memory serves me right, Aljaz Tomaz RDSI wrote:

> > > I have problem compiling pchar on Linux. I'm not a Linux 
> > expert so can
> > > anyone help me. Here is an error:
> > > In file included from PctestIpv6Udp.h:40,
> > >                  from main.cc:53:
> > > PctestIpv6.h:77: field `targetAddress' has incomplete type
> > > PctestIpv6.h:78: field `targetSocketAddress' has incomplete type
> > > PctestIpv6.h:79: field `icmpDestSocketAddress' has incomplete type
> > > PctestIpv6.h:80: field `icmpSourceSocketAddress' has incomplete type
> > > main.cc: In function `int main(int, char **)':
> > > main.cc:537: warning: implicit declaration of function `int 
> > random(...)'
> > > make: *** [main.o] Error 1
> > 
> > You need to give a little more information...like what 
> > version of Linux 
> > you're running and the options you gave to the configure script.
> > 
> I'm using kernel 2.2.1 with experminetal IPv6 support. Linux is my main
> router to 6bone and provides stateles avtoconfiuration for IPv6 hosts, ...
> ./configure --with-ipv6

OK...if your IPv6 libraries are in the right place this shouldn't be a 

I wrote:

> > It sounds like the compile process isn't finding the definition for a
> > "struct sockaddr_in6".  Are you sure your kernel and libraries support
> > IPv6?

I think this might be your problem.  One of the Linux machines I test on
(RedHat 5.2 I think) doesn't have definitions for the sockaddr_in6 or
in6_addr structures.  Another one (heavily customized Debian?) *does* 
have them.  My guess is that your header files don't have the right 
structure definitions and may need updating to something that's more in 
line with RFC 2553 ("Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6").

I'm more a daemon-type person than a penguin-type person, so I might not
be able to tell you much else that's useful.  Hope this helps at least a
little bit...


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