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bad routing (fwd)


this is the cc of a mail i sent to Rob Rockell.

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Marcelo M. Sosa Lugones wrote:

->Hello Robert,
->>  SPRINT (3ffe:2900::/24) had 10 route(s)
->>     3ffe:29a1::/64 path 1225 1103 786 1849 3251 1930 1251 4270 11008
->>     3ffe:29a1:c::/48 path 1225 1103 786 1849 3251 1930 1251 4270 11008
->> The worst offenders:
->> AS 11008
->I am the mantainer of AS11008 in the 6bone, and i stopped announcing those
->routes some time ago, when i changed uplink from Horacio Pe#a to Patricio
->Latini (10318), two weeks ago from now, i shutdownd my bgp session with
->4270 because the matainer went to germany and we didn't want to make test
->with zebra and ipv6 if both were not available, so we shutdown the bgp
->session, and now i see that they are still anounced in the 6bone, but our
->session is down, i removed him (4270) from my bgp and i am only running
->bgp with Patricio Latini of Fibertel (10318) and he aggregates me.
->I dont want to disturb the 6bone, but now i am interested in knowing how
->long ago did this routes started being propagated to investigate the
->Marcelo M. Sosa Lugones