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odd routes report


yesterday night I fixed the problem with the odd routes page.
Now the new prefixes (sTLA and 6to4) assigned by IANA and 
the Regional IRs are not marked any more as being invalid. Instead
they are now listed in a new web page which is linked on the
CSELT's Routing information home page 
(look at http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/bgp/index.html).

After the Washington DC IETF I'll distribute a new version 
of ASpath-tree including all the above changes.


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> From: 	[email protected][SMTP:[email protected]]
> Sent: 	Monday, November 01, 1999 11:30 AM
> To: 	[email protected]
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> Subject: 	odd routes report
> 	http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/bgp/odd-routes.html
> 	lists sTLA routes (like 2001:200::/35) as invalid prefixes.
> 	Could you please update your software?
> itojun