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Fibertel pTLA WWW site

Joe and all,

  What was the purpose of this smart remark?  Hummmm?  I was pointing
out to Bill in a serious manner, that DIG is fine for some things but is not
necessarily authoritative, which I know that he knows very well.  So I am
having a problem with you making such a smart ass remark....  :(

  Are you Joe, possibly suffering form an attitude problem perhaps?

Joe Abley wrote:

> On Wed, May 12, 1999 at 10:26:52PM +0100, Jeff Williams wrote:
> > > DIG indicates that while fibertel.com.ar is delegated, the subzone
> > > ipv6 is not.
> >
> >   Well you know as well as I do that DIG will give any of the results
> > you choose for DIG to provide.  Hence it is not a very accurate
> > tool to use for this query.
> Yeah, Bill. The sooner you learn to use the DNS, the better. :)
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