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Yet another Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol

Peter and all,

  The URL you are listing does not resolve either.  "No DNS Entry".
Do you possibly have a URL with this information on your
Trumpet.com domain?

Peter Tattam wrote:

> I am publishing a draft specification of a tunnel configuration protocol that I
> have designed and implemented.  Another implementation was quickly
> developed by the KAME group, to which we obtained good interoperability.
> HTTP://jazz-1.trumpet.com.au/ipv6-draft/dtcp-draft-prt-13-may-1999.htm
> Comments either to me or to the lists.
> I will be using this protocol or further derivations of it to roll out IPv6 to
> our regular IPv4 internet customers.
> Apologies if this is sent to the wrong lists, or if I have duplicated the work
> of others.  I did review the tunnel broker model and I believe that this
> protocol can only serve to complement it.
> Peter
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