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New Tunnel

I recently mailed Jimmy Kyriannis (the contact for NYU's 6bone presense),
to ask for a tunnel for a few machines at my house. He replied that
while he'd be happy to add a tunnel, there has been a recent desire to
keep the 6bone topology somewhat parallel to the existing IPv4 one.
Makes sense. As suggested, I'm e-mailing the list to find out what the
canonical link point for me would be.

*drum roll*

My gateway to the net: limbo.rtfm.net/
(all behind a 56k analog line, don't worry about bandwidth ;()

I'm on fcc.net, which is on new-york.net/verio.net and uu.net. I'd
prefer going through verio, as we've been seeing all kinds of lossage
through uunet (lost packets, router loops, extreme lag). The closets
sites seem to be IBM (whose contact I received no reply from) and
NYU (who pointed me here).

If it matters, the systems I intend to use are FreeBSD, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, Linux, perhaps Solaris is IPv6 is available with their
free* setup (off-topic: anyone know)?

I would really appreciate such a link. This seems like a great
opportunity to play with emerging network protocols and expand my
knowledge of current internetworking topics. Thanks!
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