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APNIC and WIDE meeting log.

APNIC membres and WIDE members had a meeting about sTLA allocation.
This is the meeting log.

APNIC and WIDE 6bone registries meeting
		Wednesday 17, March	11:30-

Definition of draft.
	Definition of IX.
	Definition of site.
		What is ISP , IX , site ?
	Clear definition of ISP and other sites.
	Condition of providing sTLA IDs.

	2 pTLA are exit in Japan.
		WIDE includes some commercial ISPs.
	Static assignment for dial up connenction.
		Address Binding.
		Is it a lifetime lease ?
		Is it a IPng's issue or Registries' issue ?
			It's a registries' issue.

	renumbering is untested.
	expect to determination.
	Renumbering sTLA to TLA in 3 month.
	Motivation to develop Router Renumbering and auto router
	configuration mechanism.
		But for developpers not for users and ISPs.
	Renumbering is too hard for ISPs.
	Considering for customer.
	No experience of renumbering in large scale.

Slow start.
	We consider to run out sTLA.
	initial assignment = 50
	Condition for getting a sTLA ID.
		How many ISPs which meet the conditions
		do exist in 6bone-JP ?
			about 4 sites.

Address Allocation
	Initial allocation = /35
		it is convenient than /29.
	50 initial assignment.
	Future allocation
		Provide 50 sTLA ISs for bootstrap priod.
		Registration base providing.
		starting is slow allocation step by step.

	An idea in case of running out sTLA.
		1. split another TLA into sTLA.
		2. split another sTLA into smaller range.
		3. revoke under utiluzed alloc.

	Registries think that 2 is best strategy.

	Difficult to define of verify criteria.
	Fair start to everyone.
	Future alloc.

Routing Problem.
	Incremental scale of prefix lengths establishes various
	Can be used to make rational decisions on routability.

	Rational decision is impossible under only 2 prefixes.
						(TLA & sTLA)
		ISPs prefix.
		Registries define many various prefixes.

Next steps.
	New draft out in two or three weeks.
	Circulate membership.
		Membership is important.
			-> Anyone who wants sTLA IS should be a
	Registries will start to alloc sTLA in 1st May.

Reverse DNS.
	Deligation issues.
	/35 is better for deligation.
	The setting of DNS Delegation 
	Many delegation point of DNS are required.

	DNS operation.
		The registries are resposnsible for delegation of DNS.
		We should consider DNS operation.

	Initial routing prefix = /35
		If a site want an another sTLA ID, the registries give 
		a sTLA ID which has shorter prefix.

	Delegation point will be canged
	corresponding the lenght of sTLA ID.
		/35	2
		/34	4
		/33	8
		/32	1    <- It is easy to operate.

APNIC membership
	IPv6 membership same as IPv4 membership.

Aggregation points.
	0	1024	2048	3072		8192
		Defferent memberships at each aggregation point.

	Minimam allocation of NLA ??

Why /35 ?
				    /19		/32
	IPv6	+--+----------------+-----------+
			sTLA		NLA
			19bits		13bits

				    /19		/32
	IPv4	+-------------------+-----------+
			19bits		13 bits
		      Network ID	Host ID

	Same as IPv4 prefix.

Yuji SEKIYA	[email protected] / [email protected]