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Meeting on IPv6 Address Allocation Policy

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 03:01:00PM +0900, Akira Kato wrote:
> The Regional Registries (ARIN, RIPE/NCC, APNIC) is about to define the
> IPv6 address allocation policy. Their current draft may be referred
> from your regional registries. In the case of APNIC, you can get
> through the URL below:
> 	http://www.apnic.net/ipv6draft.html

I think that many of the emotional responses that will probably result from
this draft will centre around the issue that unless a network operates as
a TLA (or unless sub-TLA advertisements are widely accepted and distributed,
like the hole- punching that is de regeur in IPv4), multi-homing is a vague
and complicated issue.

Given that many organisations which are most definitely not TLA candidates
have requirements to multi-home (e.g. end user networks), it seems to me
that a coherent multi-homing strategy is required before regional members
can comment sensibly on the TLA address allocation policy.

In the absense of such a multi-homing plan, if I might reasonably say
"everybody who can show that they are multi-homed act as a TLA". I won't
say that, because I appreciate the scaling issues involved in the core,
but if I was an end-user I might.