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Meeting on IPv6 Address Allocation Policy


The Regional Registries (ARIN, RIPE/NCC, APNIC) is about to define the
IPv6 address allocation policy. Their current draft may be referred
from your regional registries. In the case of APNIC, you can get
through the URL below:

The registries held a meeting to discuss the guidelines last week in
Singapore (in conjunction with Apricot'99) and some IPv6 people have
been invited to the meeting. Althrough I was not able to attend it,
a quick report from my colleague said that there was some discussion
on the current bootstrap condition which requires an IPv6 (s)TLA
applicant should have at least 100 non-dialup customers (corresponding
to the 8th paragraph of 4.1.1 in the case of APNIC draft).

One of the conclusion of the meeting was to hold a continuous
discussion during the Minnepolis IETF meeting. Current candidate
timeslot is just after the first NGtrans session is over (May 16 (TUE)
11:30 -- 12:30, in Room Salon G).

Please note that the above schedule is tentative and may be changed or
even entirely cancelled. Those who are interested to participate it,
please stay tuned.

-- Akira Kato, WIDE Project