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IPv6 to IPv4 on SUN

I'd suggest using Solaris 7, not Solaris 2.5.  I've used it on
2.5.1, and I know it works, but it has been a while.  Upgrade,
it is worth your while, really.

But, on Solaris 2.5, I believe that it represents the interfaces 
as le0#v6 or something like that.  Check to make sure that all
of those interfaces are up, the entries are in the routing table 
(netstat -rn).  That's about as far as my memory goes.

Solaris 7's IPv6 prototype has much better configuration, looks
(and is) more integrated, and works much better.  The one for
2.5 worked, but the new stuff is much better.

J. Marsman <[email protected]> wrote:
 > Hello,
 > we've got a sun with solaris 2.5 and the IPv6 packet from SUN. Now we
 > are trying to configure this SUN as router. On one side there is an IPv6
 > network on the other side the internet. The problem is the sun doesn't
 > want to route the ipv6 mapped ipv4 adresses and sends out on the IPv4
 > interface ICMPv6 packets.
 > Has somebody any experience with configuring routing capabilities on a
 > SUn (Sparc) or is this even possible.
 > Regards,
 > Jan Marsman
 > [email protected]

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