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nrl-ipv6+ipsec-alpha-7.1 and OpenBSD 2.4

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>has anyone used this package with OpenBSD 2.4-current. I understand there
>are still issues with IPSEC. I am seeing errors with the makefile, with
>ifconfig. missing Makefile.inc. guess i will play around with it... anyone
>dropped it into 2.4-frozen ?

  The NRL Alpha 7.1 kit supports OpenBSD 2.4. That's OpenBSD 2.4. Not

  OpenBSD-current has the IPv6 kernel code and PF_KEY kernel code merged in.
For IPv6, you need to build the NRL Alpha 7.1 userland against the OpenBSD-
current headers to get a useful system. For PF_KEY, ipsecadm(8) has been
changed to use PF_KEY, and you can also use the pfkey(8) from the NRL kit.