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Bad routes update

In message <[email protected]>, you write:
>> >3FFE:F00:2::0/48		11261
>>   This is not a bogus route per se. I told them to set it up 
>> this way. I have
>> been recommending that non-pTLA multi-homed sites use a /48, 
>> which happens to
>> mesh nicely with the way I've been managing tunnel address 
>> space at NRL.
>This is bogus - the backbone should only see /24s.

  First off, you're going to have a very hard time arguing that the new /28s
shouldn't be seen. Second, there *must* be some provision for sites to
multi-home without being a full pTLA, or pTLA allocations will explode as will
the allocations of pTLAs to people who shouldn't have them.