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pTLA request for APAN-KR

6bone Folk,

Per the request from Woohyong Choi (below), I'm opening a two week window for the review of a pTLA for APAN-KR. I will close this on 30 July 99. 

Note that this will be a /28 pTLA assignment.


At 08:17 PM 6/28/99 +0900, Woohyong Choi wrote:
>This is a pTLA request for APAN-KR (Asia Pacific Advanced
>Network - Korea).  APAN-KR is a domestic network within
>Korea established to provide high performance connectivity
>among its R&E member institutions and to other networks
>connected to APAN.
>IPv6 deployment is one of the projects within APAN-KR.
>We currently have four participants which we expect to
>glow to include many of APAN-KR member institutions.
>Initial members are
>  KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
>  KT (Korea Telecom Research Labs)
>  SNU (Seoul National University)
>  ETRI (Electronics Technology Research Institute)
>We have ATM PVC based native v6 links and tunnel based
>(for those who don't have atm interface in their routers)
>links among these institutions.
>We have an ATM PVC link to WIDE through APAN ATM
>infrastructure (peering with BGP4+), and in the process
>of establishing another ATM PVC to 6TAP through
>APAN and TransPAC to participate in 6REN activities.
>Currently we're using a block delegated from WIDE pTLA.
>We hope to get allocated a new pTLA for independent routing
>as we are preparing a direct link to 6TAP.
>We understand the routing practices documented in RFC2546
>and have been following the rules during the past.
>We also believe that we meet the requirements listed
>in Section 7 of the document.

Bob will be on travel from June 9 until the Oslo IETF meeting (July 11-16), and will not be responsive to email until July 21. Please direct 6bone & ngtrans questions to Alain Durand <[email protected]>.