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6TAP router operational

During the 5 weeks I was on vacation, ESnet staff installed and configured the 6TAP router at the StarTAP in Chicago. During this process, the ESnet folk decided that it would be most appropriate to not have the 6TAP routing domain be part of ESnet's routing domain. Thus I agreed to assign a separate pTLA (this by phone as I was out of email contact). I did not feel that this would be an issue for the 6bone community as the 6TAP represents a public, no cost, native interconnect and transit domain for IPv6 networks.

The 6TAP pTLA assigned is: 3FFE:3900::0/24 

In addition, ESnet assigned an AS number to the 6TAP: AS3425

I would like to thank the ESnet folk for moving ahead aggressively on this phase of the 6TAP project. Native IPv6 interconnect and transit is an important next phase of early production IPv6 deployment.

CANARIE, ESnet's partner on the 6TAP project, will be moving ahead in coming months in getting an IPv6 Route Server up at the 6TAP.

In addition, an effort is now underway to provide a native 2 mbps IPv6 path between the 6TAP in Chicago and the Amsterdam IPv6 Exchange.

More info on the 6TAP and related projects will follow as they happen.



Bob will be on travel from June 9 until the Oslo IETF meeting (July 11-16), and will not be responsive to email until July 21. Please direct 6bone & ngtrans questions to Alain Durand <[email protected]>.