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stla registry db issue

From: Brian E Carpenter <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: stla registry db issue

> Kazu, that is exactly what I am saying. It is a serious error to
> split a subTLA for subISPs. One ISP must get one subTLA. Never split
> a subTLA between ISPs.  (The same applies to exchange points.)  If
> you split subTLAs between ISPs, you create the IPv6 toxic waste
> dump.

In my understanding, the difference between TLA and sTLA is only
scale. As TLA is to be split into NLAs, sTLA is to be split into NLAs.

Nobody knows what is the best component/organization for TLAs and
NLAs. However, in the current Internet model, TLA is big ISPs and NLA
is medium ISPs.

It seems to me that your opinion is incorrect.