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stla registry db issue

From: Brian E Carpenter <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: stla registry db issue

> LIRs should **definitely** not split /35s among multiple ISPs. One
> /35 is for one ISP, with the whole /29 reserved for later expansion.

In kenken's example,
	LIR is WIDE Project,
	NLA1 is a child ISP under WIDE Project.

APNIC is certainly assigned /35 to one ISP, WIDE Project. It is up to
WIDE Project how to use its /35 address block. Actually, when an ISP
reguests sTLA, the ISP is required to explain how to use its sTLA
(e.g.  5(NLA1) + 13(NLA2) in the case of WIDE Project).

Or is there any consensus not to split sTLA for child ISPs?