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> > > The   6Bone  Operations  group  takes  the  form  of  a  mailing
> list
> > > ([email protected])  and is derived from  the  data  in the
> 6Bone
> > > registry.
> > 
> > How exactly is this mailer derived?
> As you might have seen on the 6Bone mailing list, there was some
> discussion recently on this topic. The intent is to use the electronic
> mail address specified in the MTNER object of each site. I consider this
> topic to be still under discussion on the mailing list, but once
> conclusion is reached, I'll update the draft to reflect it.
> Cheers, Bertrand

I still beleive that simple use of the MTNER object will lead to 
problems, the principle issue is that there is no requirement, in
protocol or otherwise to maintain such a registration. 

However, there exists a listing of email address that are required
for gaining a delegation, that being the email address which is
encoded in each delegation cut point.