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Hi Rebecca,

I'm copying the 6Bone mailing list on the reply to your question, if you
don't mind.

> >8    6Bone Operations group
> >   
> > The  6Bone  Operations group is the body in charge of monitoring
> > adherence to the present rules, and will take the appropriate
> > to  correct  deviations. Membership in the 6Bone Operations group
> > mandatory for, and restricted to, any site connected to the 6Bone.
> > 
> > The   6Bone  Operations  group  takes  the  form  of  a  mailing
> > ([email protected])  and is derived from  the  data  in the
> > registry.
> How exactly is this mailer derived?

As you might have seen on the 6Bone mailing list, there was some
discussion recently on this topic. The intent is to use the electronic
mail address specified in the MTNER object of each site. I consider this
topic to be still under discussion on the mailing list, but once
conclusion is reached, I'll update the draft to reflect it.

Cheers, Bertrand