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day minus one


Thanks for taking the time to take a vote, and to look into the exception
list issue.

Yet again, it's hard working volunteers that make the Internet what it is :-)



At 11:21 AM -0800 1/6/98, [email protected] wrote:
>>So list members, here is one more chance to voice your concerns
>>over a policy issue.   Please let me (not the list) know if you
>>would like me to remove the current restriction on posting.
>>The 6bone list has been moved to majordomo.
>>The "normal" configuration here is to restrict
>>postings to list members.  One group (WIDE) is
>>asking for that restriction to be removed.
>>You have three choices:
>>        Yes - remove the restriction
>>        No  - keep the restriction
>>        No Response - Keep the restriction.
>>There are 877 subscribers to this list.  I'll take comments/votes
>>for the next two weeks and will post the results (and make the changes,
>>if any)
>>to the list on 06 Jan 1998.  I would like at least a 10% response.
>51 votes to retain the members-only restriction
>10 votes to remove the members-only restriction
>2 of the yes votes were conditional, to remove the restriction
>only until we can agree on a way to handle exception lists, then
>re-instate the members only restriction
>One yes and one no vote asked for how much non-list releated
>mail had been blocked.  The answer is 6 postings since the
>restriction was placed in early december of 1997.
>Four folks indicated that there might be fairly easy ways
>to include an exception list.  My concern with this is
>that if I do this for WIDE, I'll be asked to do it for
>other groups as well.  If I do implement an exception list,
>it will be a single list that all groups will be added to.
>For now, I'll leave the list restricted to members-only for
>posting while I review how to add exception list processing.
>"When in doubt, Twirl..."  -anon