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day minus one

>So list members, here is one more chance to voice your concerns
>over a policy issue.   Please let me (not the list) know if you
>would like me to remove the current restriction on posting.
>The 6bone list has been moved to majordomo.
>The "normal" configuration here is to restrict
>postings to list members.  One group (WIDE) is 
>asking for that restriction to be removed.
>You have three choices:
>        Yes - remove the restriction
>        No  - keep the restriction
>        No Response - Keep the restriction.
>There are 877 subscribers to this list.  I'll take comments/votes 
>for the next two weeks and will post the results (and make the changes, if any)
>to the list on 06 Jan 1998.  I would like at least a 10% response.


51 votes to retain the members-only restriction
10 votes to remove the members-only restriction
2 of the yes votes were conditional, to remove the restriction
only until we can agree on a way to handle exception lists, then
re-instate the members only restriction

One yes and one no vote asked for how much non-list releated
mail had been blocked.  The answer is 6 postings since the 
restriction was placed in early december of 1997.

Four folks indicated that there might be fairly easy ways
to include an exception list.  My concern with this is
that if I do this for WIDE, I'll be asked to do it for
other groups as well.  If I do implement an exception list,
it will be a single list that all groups will be added to.

For now, I'll leave the list restricted to members-only for
posting while I review how to add exception list processing.

"When in doubt, Twirl..."  -anon