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pTLA request from IPF.NET


At 10:21 PM 12/27/98 +0100, Bernhard Kroenung wrote:
>> The IPF.NET folk in Germany have requested pTLA status (see below). I would
>> like to have comments pro and con on this, to me or the mailer.
>> I will close the discussion for a final decision on 11 Jan 98.
>As I remeber - RIPE will delegate IPv6 Address-Space starting '99 ... and
>you shurely mean 11-Jan-99 - don't you ? So why is there a need of this ?

Though the address registries will hopefully start to assign production
IPv6 addresses by the end of 1Q 99 (end March 99?), there is still a need
for sites and networks to experiment with IPv6. In fact, at this very early
stage of IPv6 production deployment, I think it important that ISPs get
experience with IPv6 in a pTLA or transit NLA 6bone environment prior to
making a TLA/Sub-TLA request to the registries.

Thanks for catching my error, I did mean 11 Jan 99 to close the IPF.NET
pTLA request period.