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pTLA request from IPF.NET

6bone folk,

The IPF.NET folk in Germany have requested pTLA status (see below). I would
like to have comments pro and con on this, to me or the mailer.

I will close the discussion for a final decision on 11 Jan 98.



At 04:03 AM 12/25/98 +0100, Jan Czmok wrote:
>Dear Bob.
>I am Senior Network Engineer for IPF.NET (which is one of the 5 BIG
>Providers in Germany)
>and head of the IPv6 project at IPF.NET. We would like to apply for a
>pTLA assignment.
>IPF.NET currently hosts over 30.000 private Users and about 5000
>commercial Customers in Germany.
>We have also connected research companies and institutions.
>We have been working with IPv6 in the last year (1998) with the goal of
>providing a ipv6 testbed
>and later on (as soon as possible stable implementations of ios and
>software exist) offer production
>ipv6 (for leased lines and also dial-up "mobile ip" using ipv6)
>1. must have experience with ipv6 in the 6bone, at least as a leaf
>site, and preferably as an NLA transit under a pTLA.
>We are operating a 6bone Testbed at IPF.NET and have established tunnels
>with various sites
>including REGIO-DE/DE (Leaf)  and JOIN/DE (ptla) and running bgp4+
>routing peer with both
>and have some more private "test" tunnels to various systems within our
>We currently have a network under JOIN/DE (whois query output) :
>ipv6-site:     IPF
>origin:        AS5409
>descr:         IPF.NET Service Provider GmbH
>country:       DE
>prefix:        3FFE:400:1D0::/48
>application:   ping cisco.ipv6.ipf.net
>tunnel:        IPv6 in IPv4 cisco.ipv6.ipf.net -> 6bone.uni-muenster.de
>tunnel:        IPv6 in IPv4 cisco.ipv6.ipf.net -> 6bone.regio.net
>contact:       JC2-6BONE
>remarks:       Willing to add tunnels (BGP4+ preferred)
>remarks:       connected to DFN/Ten-34, Own International Network,
>remarks:       through AT&T UNISOURCE
>remarks:       peering at MAE-FFM and DE-CIX, INXS and LINX
>remarks:       DNS/bind-8 will be operational soon.
>notify:        [email protected]
>changed:       [email protected] 19981223
>source:        6BONE
>person:        Jan Czmok
>address:       IPF.NET GmbH
>address:       Mainzer Landstrasse 46
>address:       D-60325 Frankfurt
>address:       Germany
>phone:         +49 69 17084 0
>fax-no:        +49 69 17084 26
>e-mail:        [email protected]
>nic-hdl:       JC2-6BONE
>remarks:       see also JC226-RIPE
>notify:        [email protected]
>changed:       [email protected] 19980615
>source:        6BONE
>2. must have the ability and intent to provide "production-like" 6bone
>backbone service to provide a robust and operationally reliable 6bone
>We are directly present at MAE-WEST / MAE-EAST, PAIX,
>MAE-F, DECIX, INXS and LINX now .
>AMS-IX, SPRINTNAP and BNIX will be added during next year.
>Backup - Uplink is provided by AT&T UNISOURCE and UUnet.
>3. must have a potential "user community" that would be served by
>becoming a pTLA, e.g., the requester is a major player in a region,
>country or focus of interest.
>We are currently in the top-5 of the germany providers servicing
>more than 30.000 users.
>4. must commit to abide by whatever the 6bone backbone operational
>rules and policies are (currently there are no formal ones, but the
>alain duran draft is a start in trying to define some).
>we hereby state that will abide to the 6bone operational rules and
>Greetings and merry, merry Christmas (hope you got many christmas gifts)
>Jan Czmok
>Senior Network Engineer