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Interim Meeting, travel direction

I'm very pleased to host the interim meeting in Grenoble.

Here are some travel directions:

         - Grenoble Saint Geoir. Very little traffic on it. Mostly
           4 flights a day for Paris-Orly (2 in the morning, 2 in the evening)
           and return from Paris-Orly.
           Beware: most international flight arrives at PARIS-Charles-de-Gaule
            (Roissy) which is very far away from Orly.
           A shuttle bus to Grenoble-downtown waits passenger at each flight.
           You can also rent a car at the airport. Gaz is expensive in france.
           Taxy is very expensive on long distance. It's about 40 min drive to
           Just take the Highway to Grenoble.

          - Lyon-Satolas
            It's an international airport, many flights arrives there. You can
            arrives there in a flight connected from Paris-CDG (Air-France,
            or Zurich (Swissair). There is a shuttle service direct to
every hour.
            You can also rent a car at the airport. It's an hour drive to
            Just take the Highway to Grenoble.

            Note: if you depart from the same airport you arrived, ask for a
            shuttle ticket, it's much cheaper (190F instead of 2 x 130F for
Lyon's airport)

           - Geneva
              It's about 2 hours drive from Grenoble. It might make some sense
if you
              intend to rent a car.


            It's usually the best way to come to Grenoble from Paris. It takes
3h only,
            as the train (TGV) drives 300kph, a little less than 200mph.
            The TGV leaves from PARIS-Gare-de-Lyon and is direct, non stop to
            Some of them are direct from Paris-CDG
           See http://www.sncf.fr for details (they have an english version)

       Here is a list of hotels downtown Grenoble:

        · hotel des Alpes - 45 avenue Félix Viallet  +33 4 76 87 00 71
        12 rooms reserved.  270F with breakfast. Specify IETF.

        · hotel Bastille - 25 avenue Félix Viallet  +33 4 76 43 10 27
        20 rooms reserved 247F with breakfast fax: +33 476 87 52 69. Specify

        · hotel Bristol - 11 avenue Félix Viallet +33 4 76 46 11 18 
        - room: 175 F to 245 F (Breakfast 25 F) 
        · hotel de l'Institut - 10 rue Barbillon  +33 4 76 46 36 44
        - room  215 F to  240 F (Breakfast 25 F) 
        · hotel Touring hotel - 26 avenue Alsace Lorraine  +33 4 76 46 24 32
        - room 190 F to 210 F (Breakfast 25 F) 

      The standard of those hotels is somehow less than the one we usually
       for IETF meetings, but they are OK.

        All those hotels are less than 5 min walk from the train station.
Airport shuttle
        arrives at the bus station wich is located next to the train station.

        Many!!! The best ones are in the pedestrian streets, 5 to 10 min walk
        the hotels. Menus are from 60F to 160F+. 

        Downtown Grenoble, just walk. To go to the university Campus, take the
        Tramway B direction University. it's about 15 min ride. Tram fare is
        per ticket. You might buy 10 tickets for about 50F.
        You might want to take a taxi, it will be a 10 min ride for about 50F

Meeting Room:
        It will be at IMAG, maison Jean Kuntzmann.
        It's 1 min walk from the tram terminus.
        See map http://www.imag.fr/Multimedia/logos/Domaine.gif
        Some pictures: http://www.imag.fr/Multimedia/jeudis/mjk.html
        Information about IMAG: http://www.imag.fr

Terminal Room:
        We will install some PCs and ether links for laptops.
        The format of printers is A4, not letter.

        We will organise a catering service. We will have to charge some fees
for that,
        more information later.

        Power is 220V is france, 50 Hz. Plugs are round. You can find adapters
        easily in the US (Radio Shack), it's more difficult to get in france.

Inscription & Hotel reservation:
        Contact [email protected] for inscriptions. Due to security reasons, the
       room is limited to 100 persons.
       I will do the reservation in the hotels for you if you desire. Send
exact arrival
       and departure dates to [email protected]

       Contact [email protected]

       You might find some information on http://www.Yahoo.fr or
       or http://www.pageswoom.tm.fr

        - Alain.