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> This is a static-IP dial-up account.  Would I still be able to put
> my LAN on the 6bone or would it be too complex, having to open and
> close IPv6-on-IPv4 tunnels each time I connect and disconnect?  I
> assume the fact that my account is static-IP will make things a
> little easier..

Your assumption is correct. In your case, nothing is really different
from having a normal 6bone connection. If you do normal static routing
with your peer, there is nothing called "a connection" between your
machine and your 6bone connection point. The IPv6 packets are just
prepended with an IPv4 header, and along they go.

So, your connection procedure should be the same as a "normal" 6bone
leaf site.

Magnus Ahltorp
Stacken Computer Club (STACKEN)
Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden