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04/24/98 6Bone Routing Report

> If your site would like to be investigated directly :-) or if you
> are running your original BGP4+ implementation, please let me
> know.  I'd like to add a few more BGP4+ connections with
> non-cisco routers to find a clue and keep watching our 6bone
> routing.
	[Richard Draves]  Hi Masaki, I appreciate your offer but my site is
a mere leaf node (connected via a static tunnel to NWNET). Our MSR IPv6
implementation does not (at least, not yet) support routing or BGP4+. I have
a very very limited understanding of BGP.

	For us interested bystanders, it would be nice to see occasional
mail from the people investigating the 6bone's problems - even fairly
mundane progress or status reports are interesting. It might also get the
community more involved.